Aleksandra Breast Cancer Story

Hi! My name is Aleksandra. Thank U @lovehope for letting me share my story. 

I am from Poland and was diagnosed at the age of 29 when my baby son had 8 months. I was breastfeeding and my right breast started swelling a bit. At first, I thought it was related to milk ducts. Every single doctor and midwives said that there was nothing to worry. Then they decided to do me a biopsy. The first result didn’t say anything. Only after my second biopsy, the diagnosis said that I have Cancer. It was a very tough moment for me and my three days It occurred to be Her2positive. They asked also for doing a CT scan and it was my second the worst day... it showed metastasis to lymph node and over (20!) tumours on my liver. We were devastated :(

I started chemo (docetaxel in combo with pertuzumab and Herceptin) and it helped a lot! Everything started shrinking! I had 10 doses of docetaxel, was so much tired, and then I was giving pertuzumab with herceptin.I’ve felt alive again :)

However, it didn’t last long. They found something in my lungs. Small tumour. It also occurred to be another metastasis. We couldn’t believe that. 

I was asked to search for another treatment. Unfortunately, there was nothing for me in my home country, we had to find something around the world. We decided to go to Spain, and we luckily found treatment in Barcelona. From that moment (almost for one year and a half) in every 3weeks, I am going to Spain for the treatment. There are no new lesions, tumors from my liver have disappeared, my breast is almost clear. But, I am still fighting with lesions in my lungs (now there are stable) 
Hope my story will be helpful for anyone ❤

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