Amber's Breast Cancer Story

I felt a lump underneath my breast one morning in the shower and right away I knew it wasn’t normal. I let it go at first because when mentioning it to close friends and family they said cysts are very common in women.

But I had a constant reminder and this didn’t sit well with me I wanted to get it checked out by a professional. I didn’t have insurance at the time but was able to get a good price for a mammogram and breast ultrasound.

From there everything seemed to happen really fast. I got the ultrasound report back and they recommended further evaluation via a breast biopsy. Had the biopsy done and quickly found out that at 28 years old I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After multiple appointments with different doctors for consults and scans I decided on having a double mastectomy because I also learned I am BRCA1+ And my cancer is triple negative.

I have completed my first major step having the double mastectomy and just started chemo today! After 6 months of aggressive chemo I will have 6 weeks of radiation.

About another year to go until I’m completely finished but I have an amazing support system and positivity really is key as silly as that may seem. Although I’ve been very anxious at times throughout this journey, staying positive has really helped for all of my “firsts”. I am optimistic about my future and I know it will get better! Keep fighting and never lose hope!!

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