Ashley's Breast Cancer Story

My name is Ashley Eversole. At age 32 I heard the scariest words I’ve ever heard... you have cancer! When I heard those words I was sad and numb.

After a moment of worry, I pulled myself together and wanted to know where we go from here. Once I had a game plan of what we needed to do I was fine! The waiting process is what kills you!!!

I got a double mastectomy on 2/15/17. In that mastectomy they found cancer in my lymph nodes, I automatically had to do chemo. Two weeks after my surgery I got my port and started my first round of chemo. I did four rounds of a/c and four rounds of the dose-dense taxol. I tolerated treatments great!

I ironically do hair for a living, I still worked being bald. I even kept working out. People were amazed and inspired by how well I did through my fight. After eight rounds of chemo, I did 30 rounds of radiation.

Every day I’d drive to get my radiation then go to work. I tolerated that great as well! I didn’t have any burns or any side effect at all besides insomnia. After chemo and radiation, I decided to get my ovaries and tubes removed as well. My cancer was hormone positive and I have the chek 2 gene mutation. This was a preventative action on my end. I will take whatever precaution necessary so that I never have to go through this shit again. Now I only go every three months for my follow ups.

I’m perfectly healthy and living life! There are so many things I learned while battling cancer. I realized how strong I am! I always pushed myself! When I was down at times I remember thinking to myself. Ashley, you just have to get through this! You can do this! I prayed and vented a lot to God!

I cherish this fight because I physically felt Gods prescence multiple times. I honestly felt fortunate to take on cancer if it would spare someone else from this deadly disease. I honestly think the only way to beat cancer is to not let it be your life. Don’t let cancer consume you!

I would go do chemo then leave the hospital and be perfectly normal. I wouldn’t let cancer rob me of my life. Cancer may get 7 hours of my day twice a week, 10 minutes of my day for thirty days, but that was it! I refused to be a victim! Cancer wasn’t ruining my life it was just an inconvenience to it.

Now being cancer free I rarely talk about it. I don’t want to live my life with cancer in it anymore! Cancer may have been in my life for one year but I refuse to let it be any longer. I’m just Ashley. The new Ashley. The stronger Ashley. The fearless Ashley. The scared Ashley.

Regardless... I’m still ME! Cancer may have changed me but to make me be a better version of myself.


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