Ashton's Lymphoma Story

A few years ago I was diagnosed with aggressive NHL, things took off pretty fast with Surgeries & Chemo! I was mad, boy was I mad, I kept asking God why me, but no answer.

I was stuck feeling like I could no longer be happy or myself. But then I got pregnant with our 2nd son & against doctors orders, I stopped treatment to have him. I couldn’t help but rejoice because God had brought this little boy into our lives for a reason.

I had prayed and prayed and finally, it hit me I stopped asking why me and started saying why not me? Crazy question I know but the answers were all there It is me because I could keep the Faith, I could Find the Joy in everything, and I could win!!

I praise God every day even during this struggle because I know he brings victory!! Is it painful, Yes every day. Is it scary, Yes!! But our God is more powerful and I find my peace in that!

I remain Joyful because I know the devils biggest weapon is to make us worry, worry causes you to doubt your faith and I do not have a doubt in my mind about the Love God has for us.

I have an amazing husband, 2 boys, and some crazy strong supporters in my corner!! I recently started some all natural diet changes and a fitness class to get my body stronger in efforts to cure this devils disease one day!!


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Katherine Reed

You have already beat the disease when you never give up. Fight forever 💯.

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