Bonita's Breast Cancer Story

Hi, my names Bonita. At a very young age, I was told I would never have children due to Endometriosis. This was heartbreaking as I always wanted to be a mum.. 
on a very rare night out I met my husband David & 5 yrs later we where married. 

We both got used to the fact we wouldn’t have children. Then 1 yr after we were married I took a tummy bug (so I thought) doctors said I had a kidney stone. 

My kidney stone turned out to be a 6-week old baby! We were so so HAPPY! Hope was born on the 4th of September 2007. 18 month later I found a lump in my right breast didn’t think anything of it. *Wrong* I had Breast Cancer. My whole world collapsed.. Poor David, I don’t know how he coped? I was so very Ill & with a young baby. I wouldn’t let her out my sight! Not for a min. We eventually got there. Hope is 11 now and the love of my life. Then bam 3 yrs ago I was always falling & breaking stuff. I have stage 2 MS. 

Life can be a bitch sometimes but it’s what we make of it.. it’s hard I know! But seeing your loved ones face every morning makes everything better.. 

Lots of love 
Bonita C

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