Brittany's Breast Cancer Story

May 16,2014. The day I will never forget. I got that phone call no 26 year old ever expects..

“Brittany I am sorry but your biopsy came back malignant, you have cancer.” I lost it that day and felt so bad for myself.

The next day I decided to change my attitude and fight this disease head on and be a light to others going through the same thing.

My wonderful boyfriend proposed to me the day before my double mastectomy and we took on this journey together. 8 chemos, 30 radiations, a double mastectomy, and multiple reconstruction surgeries, and years of hormone therapy (still many years to go) and I am now cancer free.

I feel blessed to have gone through what I did at such a young age, my appreciation for life and attitude today is because of what I went through.

Today I am 4 years cancer free, happily married with our beautiful 8-month-old baby boy who is an absolute miracle. I make it my mission to spread awareness about breast cancer and the importance of self-breast exams, because that is what saved my life!


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