Cara's Cervical Cancer Story

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer in April 2015 when I was 25 weeks pregnant with my first child. I had a c-section and hysterectomy at e2 weeks pregnant.

I had a small but perfectly formed, baby girl, my little girl stayed in the hospital for around 3 weeks.

During this time I found out my cancer had been found in 2/31 lymph nodes that were taken during surgery. This meant I needed to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I had this and tried my best to get on with life.

During a checkup on May 16, a tumour was found. I was offered the only chance of a cure, which was a massive surgery, that I grabbed with both hands.

The recovery was huge but I kept going and after 7 months I returned to work.

Three months after, I was devastated to find a lump in my groin, this tested positive for cancer.

On July 17 I started stronger chemotherapy and lost all of my hair. I tried to stay upbeat and made the most of the good weeks, often going on city breaks.

On May 18 the chemo stopped working and it was decided that I would have the lymph node surgically removed.

On Dec 18, I had palliative radiotherapy to try to control my tumour, but it didn't work!

After this, the cancer returned with a vengeance and spread rapidly through my groin. The only options now are to find a trial or to go on the last resort chemotherapy, which has very little chance of working. I am trying to get on to a trial.

It's so so hard, I have days when I want to give up but I have to keep going for my little girl

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