Casey's Breast Cancer Story

January 8th was the day my life changed forever. I was told I had breast cancer at age 30.

My Wife and I were heading to the lake last July. I was putting on my swimsuit top, and she had noticed my nipple was pulled in. I was born 2lbs 1oz, and have scars on each side, right underneath my both armpits. I thought maybe I was gaining weight, and it was pulling my skin back & it kept sinking in over a couple weeks. (We should’ve went to the Dr. then) Then I felt a lump a couple months later. Right behind my nipple. Big enough for me to grab and my nipple was changing. I googled symptoms of breast cancer, and had all of those happening. Off to the doctor we went in December.

January 8th, I got the call that I did in fact have Breast Cancer. Stage 2B. Everything after that was a crazy, fast, whirlwind. I did head to toe body scans, making sure it hadn’t spread elsewhere. Thankfully, it had only got to my limp nodes in my armpit.

I got my port put in a couple weeks later, and with that followed a collapsed lung. I woke up to start Chemo, and had a sharp pain in my side. I told my Oncologist what I had felt, and they sent me to the ER. I spent an entire week there.

I started Chemo January 26th. I had four rounds of what call The Red Devil. That regiment would drop my immune system so low, that I would need a shot following chemo to bring it back up. I lost every hair on my body. Eyelashes. Head. Leg hair. I was bald. That made me feel the worst. Heartbroken best describes that.

Because of my port, I had also developed a blood clot. They put me on blood thinners. The Chemo stopped my monthly cycle, but before it finally stopped. It went crazy. Because of the Chemo, blood thinners, and monthly was like a faucet that wouldn’t shot off. Because I lost so much blood, I had to have a blood transfusion. Those rounds/months tested my faith and strength. I was confined to my house until these 4 rounds were finished.

After those were done, I would continue Chemo every Friday. I had 16 rounds all together. I long, dark, 130 were behind me.

I decided on a double mastectomy. I went back and forth with my decision. Before Cancer, I had never had any type of major surgery (besides when I was born) so this was insanely scary to me. I eventually settled on doing it and July 24th it happened. My plastic surgeon took both breasts off, and replaced with expanders. I remember waking up and knowing I made the right decision. A couple days after surgery I got the call they had gotten all the cancer. I cried for so long that day. All happy tears. I was going to live.

After 4-6 weeks of recovery, and I got the all clear....I started 28 round of beam radiation. Every. Single. Day. Except for Saturday and Sundays. My skin looked like a severe sunburn when it was all said and done. But I was done. I finished active treatment.

I am now in the process of filling my expanders. And waiting for my swap to implants. I have to take a shot for the next 10 years, that puts me into menopause. I have doctors bills that I’m sure will pile back up again, and I’ll have side effects for the rest of my life. But I am so happy I get to make more memories with my loved ones. I’ll never take for granted every breath I get to have.


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