Cheryl's Breast Cancer Story

I was diagnosed at 36. By that time the lump in my breast was 4cm in diameter. I was one of the lucky ones, as my body (the one that I thought had betrayed me), had encapsulated the cancerous growth. Because of that, the tumour did not spread. 

All I can say about being diagnosed is that I decided from the very first second that I would fight until my last breath left my body. I am a Mom and I was not going to let my eight-year-old daughter go through life without me in it.


I believe that we are blessed with children and that it is the most important job that we will ever have as mothers. My daughter, Adele, was and still is my rock. The days that I felt I could not go on, didn’t want to fight anymore, I looked at her and once again realised how blessed and lucky I was to have her. I went through eight rounds of chemo, lost my hair, had a double pro-active mastectomy and reconstruction and a preventative hysterectomy as well. My body is filled with battle scars, but that does not bother me. They tell a story. They tell my story. 


Every day is a choice, you have to choose whether you fight or whether you give up. By being positive about the things that are going right in your life or choosing to be negative about the blow life has dealt you. 

You will always have good days and you will always have bad days, it is your choice what you are going to make of it. 

I choose to be strong. I choose to be happy. I choose life. 


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