Dana's Breast Cancer Story

The resulting impact of my most difficult battle in life led me to who I am today & what I do for a living! I truly believe that maybe I went through it & survived, just so I could help someone else make it through! 

Currently, I'm not only a Pink Perfect nipple prosthetic customer but an advocate for Pink Perfect helping others around the world! 

Starting at a young age, I've always been health-conscious. I do my best to stay active & eat healthy because it makes me feel great! Unfortunately, my battles started at the young age of 14. I went through excruciating pain tearing my ACL during an 8th grade basketball game! This injury led me to my first major surgery of the 16+ different surgeries I've had in my 46 years of life so far!
Honestly, I've had both ACL's torn & repaired, both knees reconstructed landing me wheelchair bond for months, 1 knee meniscus torn & repaired, 1 hip labrum torn & repaired, 2 toes operated on with screws put in, a doublemastectomy plus 4 other breast reconstruction surgeries after, a 3cm tumor removed from my jaw which paralyzed half my mouth function for several months, a uterus surgery...the list goes on.
The trials & battles did not end there. I had watched my grandmother battle breast cancer as a child & then pass away from it. Ad well as my very dear mother whom I was so very close to. My mother's 21 year battled ended in Oct. 2017! 

I watched them both go through it all;  mastectomies, radiation, chemo, losing their hair & then their lives because of breast cancer! So I made a decision to be proactive & start getting mammograms earlier than recommended. I started at age 38. My second mammogram at age 42.  

My doctor called after my 2nd mammogram & said they saw suspicious calcification in 1 breast. He commended me for requesting to have a mammogram done earlier than he recommended. He explained, we wouldn't have seen the change in your breast if we hadn't had an earlier mammogram done to compare. After the phone call, I started feeling my breast & felt a lump in the area where they detected the calcification! It was very firm like a marble & felt shockingly similar to the cancer tumor I felt on my mother.

I had another mammogram with magnified views, an ultrasound of the lump I found, & two biopsies. The radiologist said they found ALH. Atypical lobular hyperplasia! They said, "You DON'T have cancer, so we recommend you wait 6 months & then get another scan."  But, my OBGYN referred me to an oncologist surgeon right after. I decided to go see her immediately. 
My mother was tested for the Genetic link for breast cancer & it was surprisingly negative. My great grandmother, grandmother & mother all had breast cancer but no genetic link. After consulting with the oncologist surgeon who felt my lump & saw my test results, I requested an MRI to investigate this lump more! The MRI detected NO cancer. The oncologist surgeon felt that it was just a fatty lump. She explained my % of getting breast cancer was extremely high considering 3 generations of breast cancer, the ALH detected & my age at the time. Honestly, throughout this whole process & all the tests something in my gut told me that lump WAS cancer! 
I explained that to the oncologist surgeon! She said she will definitely excise the lump &  abnormal cells found. She also mentioned I could make a drastic choice & elect to have a doublemastectomy, which would take my risk down to only 2%. The genetic counselor also said that would be a drastic choice to have a doublemastectomy based on only having ALH & no genetic link found in my family.
Actually, the genetic counselor shocked my significant other & I during our meeting when she said, "Dana, your more likely to get hit in the head with an airplane then to have cancer!"
Boy was she & all the tests WRONG! You'll be shock in the end! 
After all the consults & multiple recommendations to just wait 6 months & see if there's any changes, I still elected to have a doublemastectomy with reconstruction.
I consulted with a plastic surgeon who recommend I have a skin sparing bilateral-mastectomy with reconstruction. He explained if I kept my nipples the risk of cancer will go up because cancer could form around the nipple. Also, there was a risk of the nipple dying after surgery & a risk the of areola spreading out quite large. Finding all this out was traumatic, thinking I would lose my nipples! I liked my nipples! The plastic surgeon said he can recreate the nipple with nipple reconstruction & tattoo areolas on to make them look great! I reluctantly agreed & trusted his recommendations. Afterall, he was a highly recommended plastic surgeon in the area.
To the surprise of all the doctors when pathology came back from my double mastectomy, they found 2 invasive breast cancer tumors! 1 ductile & 1 lobular invasive tumor measuring at 0.4 CM & 0.9 CM!
The oncologist surgeon called me & emotionally exclaimed, "Dana, you were right! That lump was cancer & from now on I will listen to my patients if they are adamant & have a gut feeling like you had! You absolutely were an advocate for your own health & saved your own life!"
If I would have waited 6 months, the cancer definitely would have spread! The panel of doctors decided not to treat me with chemo or radiation but did convince me to take tamoxifen which I only endured 3 months because the reactions I had were quite horrible! 
Over 3 yrs. later, to this day, I am cancer-free!
Dana's Breast Cancer
This leads me to explain the immense devastation I endured from losing my nipples! I was ecstatic that I was cancer-free but extremely horrified that I lost my nipples!
I hated to hear when people said ,"But at least you have your life!" That didn't take away the pain of not having a part of me that made me feel feminine, beautiful, sexy and whole!
After the doublemastectomy I had to wait 8 months to heal before trying to reconstruct nipples & then wait another 4 months for areola tattoos! No nipples for a year! Such a long process after my doublemastectomy! Unfortunately, the nipple reconstruction FAILED! It healed so well it flattened out or some would say collapsed & left me with no projection whatsoever! This happens because the skin is so thin after a doublemastectomy. I still had the plastic surgeon tattoo areolas which made me feel a little bit better but I was still completely devastated!
I even ended up paying $500 to have 3-D nipple tattooed. Unfortunately, they were just, "okay" , because they didn't give me the realistic look & projection whatsoever. The tattoos also faded within months & I was left with this emptiness & a feeling of not being complete. A very important part of me was still missing. Not having nipples impacted me deeply. My self-confidence was much lower & I was feeling undesirable! It was a deep painful wound. The absolute worst battle for me by far!
I happen to be searching on the internet to look at others that have been through what I have been through & that is when I stumbled upon Pink-perfect.com!
I found nipple Prosthetics that looked so realistic, natural, & super easy to use! I was in shock! I was so excited I couldn't wait to order a pair! I remember being so happy but also feeling a bit frustrated that no one had explained to me or told me that there was such a product out there!  This could have saved me from all my emotional pain I went through these last 3 years! Suffering from insecurity, feeling unsexy & inexplicably feeling incomplete!
I'll never forget the feeling I had the first time I put on the Pink Perfect nipple prosthetics! I remember looking back at my reflection in the mirror & getting goosebumps looking at myself with a shirt on & seeing nipples pop out for the first time in 3 yrs! I finally felt complete again! 
After receiving these absolutely gorgeous nipple Prosthetics from Pink Perfect, no longer did I have that daily reminder everytime I was naked that something was missing! Finally, I can actually stop & look at myself in the mirror! I see my reflection now with confidence! I can now confidently change with the lights on or take my bra off without a thought! I was finally feeling complete again! My family even said they can see & feel the positive impact these Pink Perfect Prosthetics have had on me! I can say with confidence that Pink Perfect nipple Prosthetics changed my life!
Right then & there, after receiving my nipples, is when a chill came over me! I knew in my heart, I needed to help others like me! I now understood why I went through what I went through. Like I stated in the beginning! Maybe we go through it & survived it, just so we can help someone else make it through!
I didn't want anyone to ever have to endure the heartache, pain, tears or devastation that I went through!  Not knowning that there WAS a solution to help the quality of life after losing a precious part of you! I want to prevent that from happening to anyone else! That is my hope! I became an advocate for Pink Perfect & even quit my full-time job as a personal trainer so I could bring awareness that these prosthetic nipples exist! I emailed & spoke with the owner, Michelle, she happily asked me to be an ambassador for Pink Perfect!
I am motivated & want to make Pink Perfect available to all that could benefit! I've been visiting plastic surgeons offices in hopes that they would make Pink Perfect nipple Prosthetics part of the Reconstruction process from the beginning & give that option immediately!
I started a Facebook page @gopinkperfect25  
I started an Instagram @gopinkperfect 
I have truly been inspired by all the people I have met & helped through the last several months since starting! I'm continually emotionally impacted every time I am able to meet someone & introduce them to a product that is most definitely life-changing! My real payment is the thanks & excitement of the people I'm able to help! In a way, I'm part of their recovery, well-being, health & sexiness!😊
It brings me so much joy to be able to extend a coupon code to save $25 off any order from Pink Perfect! Please share with anyone that could benefit ♡
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Be well my friends & help spread the awareness about Pink Perfect Nipple Prosthetics! You too could be the reason someone else can make it through!

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