Gloria's Breast Cancer Story

Nothing prepares you for the words 

You have CANCER I was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal breast cancer ER8, PR7 HR Negative on October 8th & had a mastectomy & reconstruction on January 7/2019 

I was in total shock I really thought the lump I found was just a figment of my imagination. When I saw the orange peel texture on my boob I knew I had to call my doctor. She confirmed I had a lump but felt it could just be a mass and nothing to worry about. 

But because of my age, I should definitely have further tests. 

To be honest even as I’m writing this it’s like I’m having an out of body experience & I’m talking about someone else. 

I’m usually a very private person but as soon as I was diagnosed I wanted to share my story to help others,so set up my Instagram account to get the message out there. 

Please check your boobs, as early detection can save your life it has saved mine & for that, I’m truly grateful. 

The love care & kindness I have had from the doctor's nurses family & friends has helped me deal with this terrible life-changing event & I really couldn’t have got through it without my mother who looked after me for 3 weeks after my surgery she is my rock♥️♥️♥️

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