Gloria's Ovarian Cancer Story

2015 was a very interesting year for me being 22 and having Cancer. 

March 2015 the gynaecologist that my doctor sent me to made me go to the ER, I cried so much I was scared cause the doctor said that I needed to go and get the mass removed ( I had a 10 lbs mass attached to my left ovary) 

April 2015- 2 days after Easter I was in surgery to remove the mass and to see if it was cancer it was but we caught it before it could spread anywhere else. The oncologist said it was something called dysgerminoma 

June 10, 2015, I started Chemo I was so scared and so worried about losing my hair. I started losing my hair 2 weeks after the first round 

July 2015 The second round I was partially bald small parts of my hair didn’t fall out, so I had one of my older sisters shaved my head. She cried so much when I asked her, I was trying not to show her that I was crying with her 

August 3, 2015, I finished Chemo and I was so happy that I didn’t have to feel so nasty anymore and always have to worry about getting sick so much anymore 

(Pic me now - 23rd Birthday)

Gloria's Ovarian Cancer Story

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