Katya's Breast Cancer Story

The one with a plane ticket, a wedding and cancer. 

For me, every great story in my life starts with a plane ticket. But this time was a bit different than other adventures. I flew back home with my 2-year-old daughter to attend my cousin’s wedding, and once in the city, I seized the opportunity to meet my doctor. I was 30 years old when I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer with BRCA2 mutation in an advanced stage. 

On July 21 st I underwent a partial mastectomy with removal of 21 lymph nodes, 6 of them with metastasis. The process continued with a 16-round chemo treatment, which I completed 3 weeks ago (yay) and about to start with a 5 week-radio therapy sessions. 

This whole process has taught me to not take anything for granted and, to start enjoying every single day of my life, even the tough ones, and be grateful for all the people that surrounds me and have been there for me. I feel all the love in the world and even the little things, like a warm hug from my daughter give all the strength I need to keep on going and beat the shit out of this cancer. 

Love is to share and mine is for you all.

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