Kirsty Breast Cancer Story

It’s 3 years ago this February that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I’d had a lump for a little while, kept phoning for a doctors appointment but they were always full!! Finally got an appointment doctor assured me it was nothing and referred me to our local breast centre. Thinking it was going to be nothing, I went to the mammogram appointment on my own. Mistake, never go alone!! Had mammogram waited, they wanted to do some views....waited in the room, realisation it may be a bit more serious than I thought. Next stop ultrasound, you could see the lump as solid black, I started to cry omg!!! Biopsy taken and then the wait for two weeks before the results. Longest time of my life! Yes I had breast cancer 2.5cm ER+ stage 2 Grade 3, just like that your life changes. Into hospital March 2nd 2016 for lumpectomy, luckily it hadn’t spread to my nodes, always a silver lining to everything. Had 6 rounds of chemo, lost my hair then 3 weeks of radiotherapy. I don’t miss my hair at all. 

It was life changing it takes time but you come back and I love living life and I don’t stress things anymore, I believe that was a major factor looking back. 

I have such a fantastic fulfilling life incredible family and friends and I always remind myself everyday how lucky I am. The photos I’ve shared are the week before my treatment, my 40th Birthday with no hair, and a year after finishing treatment galloping my horse on the beach.

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