Lea's Breast Cancer Story

During a monthly breast exam in September 2017 I felt a knot, a rough hard marble size knot. I have a family history so I already had a doctor appointment set for November, so I just waited.

My doctor ordered a mammogram and ultrasound, he called me the next day to schedule an appointment to talk about the results, after years of mammograms I knew good results were given over the phone.

On that Tuesday my husband and I walked into my doctor and received the news that it was cancer and there was suspicious sitting on the left side as well as what I found on the right side. I was not surprised to hear it but I was shocked! I went directly into survival mode and we immediately had a double mastectomy in December 2017, implants were put in at that time.

I was now at home healing and getting my mind together, I have 3 small girls who needed to be reminded that I would be ok, that I’m a fighter and that nothing would stop me from being here a very long time for them!

In a couple weeks, I got an infection from the implants and had to have emergency surgery 2 different times and have spent the last year being flat and quite distorted where I had usually had a beautiful décolletage!

Chemo started on February 1, 2018-16 rounds would take about 6 months to complete and then 33 rounds of radiation. Chemo is hard and gross and it kicked me to my lowest bottom every time and it would take every day of fighting to get back up. I regret that my daughters saw me at the lowest part and struggle with talking and even walking. I somehow made sure to get them every morning and ready for school and out the door, that’s when I would crawl back to bed and cry until I had to pick them up.

My husband and family and friends created an amazing support system around me and my girls! Radiation was still a fight but more doable, I ended all my treatments on October 4, 2018 (2 days before my birthday) I lost a year, I remember the pain and struggle but I have lost so many days.

This Friday, February 15, 2019, I have my reconstruction surgery to try and regain my body back, I’m ready to start a beginning with strength, courage and belief that my life is worth living, that my dreams that I set aside can still be lived, I fight everyday to show my girls we are strong and possibilities are endless!


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