Lisa's Breast Cancer Story

My Story...

I have always been a positive person and also a bit of a homebody and weirdly extroverted and introverted at the same time.... 

My focus was on my kids, my home life and trying to make a living with what was left over. I ran a small business, taught college, wrote books but only in the time my kids were at school.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 39 years old without any lump, clue or family history my kids were 6 and 9 and they were my life full stop. 

I was working as a teacher and my schedule was around theirs - the first thing I realized and had to deal with was having to put them on the back burner as it were to be able to take care of ME.

That was crazy - after a decade almost of only caring for the kids, I had to take time for me.

And I guess that made me realize maybe I should have done that you know without the cancer...

I was always a writer and social media “maven” but during my diagnosis, surgery and chemo I was silent. I wore my wig, went to work, went home and passed out.

After my last chemotherapy, I found out my job would no longer be there for the next school year and I finally broke.

I had been diagnosed in November 2016, had a radical mastectomy and lymph node extraction without reconstruction in December 2016, 8 rounds of chemotherapy and now I was in the home stretch, looking forward to being back in the fall without a wig and bam no job.

It was heartbreaking but it led to me finding my voice. As I did radiation without work to keep me going, I turned to blogging - anonymously at first - and quickly realized how much this story this truth was connecting me to others who also walked the walk or who loved someone who had.

With readers of my blog jumping from 5 to 500 to 2000 per week, I learned more and more about others trying to get back to “normal” after cancer and not being able to figure it out. I learned of others who lost their jobs or took time off or just didn’t want to keep doing the same old thing after experiencing this life-changing diagnosis of cancer. I met people who couldn’t work anymore but still wanted to be active to have a passion.

My passion is writing and helping others so I wrote a few books about this new “normal” after cancer and built a nonprofit organization around education for inspiring others to find their passion to be happy and focused after a life-changing diagnosis at We offer free online training, classes and more.

I also continue to blog at My websites and articles are read by over 4500 people per week. I get to share my story and help others - thank you so much for helping me continue to do that with this post!

On Instagram I am @supermombc.

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