Lorri's Breast Cancer Story

Hi! I am sharing my story but first a little background.. I decided in 2009 that my marriage was over after almost 18 years (baby at 23, married at 24). He was a great friend in high school and we happened to meet again a few years after I graduated. (He was 2 years ahead) Anyway his personality changed and I wanted out. We had lost a baby boy at 2 months to SIDS less than a year after we married. We weren’t the same after that, yet we had 2 more boys and of course our daughter. 

Well going through the separation caused me to have a melt down and I’m pretty positive was the reason for my Breast Cancer.. Stress.. I had HER+ Stage 1 with 2 pea sizes tumours. But.... my needle core biopsy came back negative but my surgeon said “we don’t leave lumps in”. Ok perfect, take em out which he did.. The pathology report came back and I was then told that they were malignant. I just thought I was returning to the surgeon for a follow up after the surgery I had so I went by myself thinking it was no big deal. So here I am in his office and told I had Breast Cancer and had no one with me!! I managed to hear some of what he said my options were and what the next step was. First I had every body part scanned to see if the cancer had spread anywhere else. That was scarier than the diagnosis! I then had another partial mastectomy so they could get clear margins and test my lymph nodes. The cancer had not spread! Phew! A little while after I then had 21 rounds and a boost of Radiation. (pretty sure I glow in the dark!). Radiation made me sick and I had no appetite but I got through it! 
I was put on Tamoxifen but only lasted a month as I didn’t like the side affects and decided that I was not putting up with them for 5 years! If my cancer did come back then we would deal with it. I finished treatment in 2011.. I didn’t do any reconstruction surgery.. I like my battle scars as it reminds me of what I accomplished and how lucky I was compared to others.. Fast forward to a month ago when I found an extra large mass in my left breast this time. I had the needle core biopsy again which again came back ok. I’m not stopping at that due to what happened last time. Now at some point I will have this lump removed and fingers crossed it’s just from getting older lol!! I am now 51 and was diagnosed when I was 44. If by chance the lump is once again malignant than both boobs are getting chopped!! (I’ve never had great boobs anyway!) 

So there you have it.. that’s my Breast Cancer journey and I’m still on it! Thanks for reading and I hope and wish that for anyone else who gets diagnosed that they kick some cancer ass! Fight as hard as you can!!


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