Nadine's Breast Cancer Story

In April 2017 they diagnostic breast cancer, it feels I fall out of a driving train.

A lot of thinks are going through my head. I’m the mummy of a little sweet daughter. What happens with her? What happens if I die?

After a couple of weeks of depression, I believed in me. I believe that I will fight for my life, for my health, for my family and my friends. I am going to stand up and fight.

After 16 Chemos, two OP‘s, they took my breast and put a silicone Implantat in it, they took 19 lymph node, because this asshole of cancer was in three of them, and after 6 weeks radiation therapy, they called me healed.

I call me healed after recovering on the beautiful Island La Gomera, where we did this picture.

Now it’s nearly one year later I’m in my Yoga Teacher Training and finished my exams next week. And then I start my yoga & cancer training.

I like to teach people who fall on this disease, don’t give up! You are strong! Believe in you! Let your body recover and live your life. Love, laugh and enjoy the moment

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