Nicole's Breast Cancer Story

The end of September ended my daughters nursing journey with me. For 17 months I nourished my daughter when things started coming to a pretty abrupt stop. I paid more attention to my breasts to make sure I wasn’t getting any clogged ducts, and that’s when I found it. That hard lump in my left breast. I gave it two weeks, and nothing was making it change, so I went to my OB. The next steps, as expected, were mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy. Then October 19th, mine and my husband’s 5th wedding anniversary, we sat in my OB’s office and heard those words I never thought I’d hear, let alone at 34 years old. “You have breast cancer”. 

I had two lumps both under 2cm so I caught it early. I’m estrogen and HER2 positive. So that means additional treatments besides the typical chemo. 
Since that date, I’ve been thru many appointments and tests. I’ve already had my double mastectomy with reconstruction and had my port placed as well. I’m only two weeks out from my surgery as I write this and my chemo plan isn’t even in place. 

It’s a long road ahead of me, but I am brave and I am strong. I have so much to live for and I know I’m going to have some very rough times. The surgery was the scariest part for me so far, but I woke up, and that means I am still here to fight. 

I hope I can inspire others to stay strong and brave for themselves. It’s ok to be mad, sad, and scared at any time. But just remember you can beat this if you tell yourself everyday that you will.


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Diane Gooding

I had a double mastectomy on March 27 and have stage 3 breast cancer. This is all new to me, I will be seeing my oncologist April 29 and see what’s next.😢

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