Nicole's Breast Cancer Story

In December of 2017 I was pregnant with my first baby and had a few breast complaints during my pregnancy.


I had some complaints such as warm breast, swelling, tender to touch and lumpiness. I was told multiple times it was my breast filling with milk, to invest in a new bra and it’s normal to feel these complaints I had.

At the age of 28, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Michael Józef on April 25, 2018. It should have been the most exciting time of my life but my breast issues continued.

I went back once a week for five weeks after giving birth. On the fifth visit, my doctor told me I was a new mom and I was paranoid and to go home and relax.

Well, that next week I forced my way into another obgyn office and within 3 days, on June 6th I was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer.

I was just 6 weeks postpartum. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. When my son was 8 weeks old I had a double mastectomy and couldn’t hold my new son for two months.

It’s a mother’s worst nightmare not being able to care for their child especially their first, newborn baby. Just 4 weeks after my surgery I started chemo and I’m currently on round 13/16 of ACT and I am KICKING ASS!

I’m getting pumped with poison every Friday and I am damn lucky there is such a regiment for me and grateful to be receiving the chemo and the chance to fight.

I am so thankful every day, it’s another day I get to enjoy my family. I smile every day and through every chemo treatment because I know I will prevail


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