Rebecca's Previvor Story

2 years ago I was diagnosed with BRCA1. The reason I was tested was a long history of cancer running in my family. 

In 2000 my grandmother died of ovarian cancer after 4 years of fighting. She was only 57 years young and had no idea of the BRCA mutation she carried.

The same year my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 36 years old. 
10 years go by and my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it had already spread to the other ovary but unbelievably survived again and went through a Hystorectomy. 3 years after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer again and underwent a full double mastectomy. 

Watching these women in my life go through chemo and watching them suffer was devastating. So in 2014 when my mum discovered we had a Genetic mutation which has caused these cancers. My self and my brother were tested a few years later. 

I had always thought it would feel ok to know if I had the gene. The phone call came and I was positive. I surprisingly was in shock. It was a milestone in my life where I knew I had to act to save my life and that of others by going through a preventative mastectomy to reduce my chances of getting this terrifying disease.

There was no other way I would go. It was tough, it was painful and it was mentally demanding. Body image was tough physically and psychologically.

Rebecca's post breast cancer surgery photo

But 18 months on I am pregnant with my second baby girl, I have an amazing 8-year-old and a family around me who support what I am passionate about.

I want women out there to know the diagnosis is not a negative but a positive to give us a chance that women like my grandmother didn't have. By my mother finding out I had BRCA 1 I was able to give myself a chance and so will I to my daughter's. 

It's important to know that we are a community and that no one going through this has to worry alone!


Rebecca's Family Photo

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