Shiana's Breast Cancer Story

My name is Shiana, I was diagnosed stage 4, metastatic breast cancer April 15, 2013. I’m HER2+ ER+\PR+, with metastasis to the bones, spine, and brain.

There were a few spots on the lung and liver but did disappear with treatment. I was about 14 when I first found a lump in my breast, I also noticed my breast looked funny because my nipples were inverted and at times they would discharge.

I did see the doctor, but I was told I needed a biopsy and most likely it was a cyst. I didn’t follow up with an appointment. Throughout college, I noticed it was growing and I would get sharp pains in my boob but thought nothing of it. I honestly just thought it was a cyst.

When I found out I had cancer I was shocked and it took me a while to understand and accept it. I cried when I eventually learned what stage 4 actually meant; the life expectancy and leaving my family. I prayed and became closer to God and built my faith. I had many days I wanted to give up, especially with my brain Mets. I had first learned of the brain Mets through a second opinion but decided to go back to my original doctor for treatment and had done Gamma knife.

After that didn’t work I then had whole brain radiation, a clinical trial to allow chemo to reach the brain, and then a high dose of Methotrexate. After I decided to quit methotrexate I started on Tykerb and Xeloda and had Stariotactic Radiation.

Through all of the failed treatments to my brain, not being able to have kids, not working, bad relationship, losing my apartment and life, I became depressed. But thank God I came out of depression through therapy and just trusting the process.

God brought me through and continues to carry me. I’ve been thriving and living with Mets for 5 years and 8 months. I have had no active disease from the neck down for over a year and remain stable on my brain. I’ve been stable on my brain 2 years now, I have become a better Shiana, learning my purpose, advocating, traveling, and learning more about life.


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