Stacie's Colorectal Cancer Story

To my complete shock, I was diagnosed in March 2018 with Colorectal cancer stage 3b. The b represents lymph nodes involvement. No family history. Since then I had daily radiation treatments And chemotherapy for 6 weeks, 3 surgeries to include coming out of one surgery with an Ileostomy bag. The bag was very traumatic, stressful often leaking 3-4 times a day. Truly pushed me into depression. Surgery completed in October to remove tumour and lymph nodes and reverse the bag. Surgery was successful in that regard. The after effects of the bag still persist and can be very challenging with bathroom accidents without any warning. And now I’m doing chemo again. 

It’s been very difficult over the last year with all of this. I’m a strong independent woman, but my emotions have been overwhelming. I’m a very independent person so I’ve learned to rely on others, to ask for help, that it’s ok to cry and release your feelings. I’m endeavouring to stay positive and my motto is, one day at a time. 

Thank you to so many of my family, friends for support, rides to treatment, laughing when we can, all the love.

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