Tina's Breast Cancer Story (aka DJ Breast Cancer)

My cancer diagnosis awakened me to a need for a creative outlet to express how I was feeling. I turned to poems, short stories and a personal blog to let others know how I was doing. What started out as a hobby, has turned into a true passion for sharing with other survivors. 

One story I wrote went like this… Magic Potion: What would you do if a magician drove his wooden wagon into your neighborhood and made a personal stop at your door... He looks out of place with his jet black cloak, wide-brimmed hat, and a smile that is also sad. He makes you an offer... He will give you a magical gift.... It will make you laugh harder, smile wider, love your loved ones more deeply. It will make you enjoy every sunset and see every shade of red to pink. You will reconnect with friends and find out what is most important in life... 

He hands you a beautiful wooden box with a ribbon, inside is an intricate glass carved bottle. You willingly take a big drink out of a glass potion, turn the bottle over and find the words engraved...CAUTION: CAUSES CANCER 

Cancer can be a magic potion, a gift, a way to truly connect and tell others how you feel. You can love deeper, laugh harder, smile wider, see the sunsets and all their beauty, and most of all appreciate more... Life is a gift, and living your life to the fullest is the fun of opening the present... 

I recently started a podcast, DJ Breast Cancer, as a way to share my story and give back to the cancer community. I was blessed to have my mom (a two-time breast cancer survivor) in my cancer journey. That experience helped me immensely in my own journey. There are so many others that have had no exposure to cancer. DJ Breast Cancer is a "Girlfriend's Guide" to breast cancer for anyone going through cancer, or with a friend going through cancer. I hope to inspire others to live life fully, tell others you love them, and give back!

Instagram - @DJbreastcancer

Website - www.djbreastcancer.org



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